How To Shop With Us.

1. Click ‘LOGIN’ on homescreen

2. You can register by 2 option :

a) Connect your existing Facebook or Google Account
b) Scroll down and register manually. (after LOGIN section)

3. Once register click ‘SHOP’ and you will find our 2 Main Category : BAWAL & SHAWL. 

4. Once you choose your prefer item in the collection,
click ‘SELECT OPTION’ or on the image to choose your prefer size or any additional photo to and information about our products.

5. Choose your ‘SIZE’ and ‘QUANTITY’.
Click ‘ADD TO CART’ to proceed.

Overview of product will appear on top right corner of your screen.

6. Summary of product will appear on top right corner of your screen.
Click ‘VIEW CART’ to proceed or if you are confirm click ‘CHECKOUT’

7. You may see all the item you have purchase here. 
If you want to cancel the item, click on the ‘X’ mark on top left corner of the image.

8. Scroll down, if you have any COUPON, insert the code and click ‘APPLY COUPON’


There is reminder if you have any COUPON to redeem in next step, just click on the link and enter your code.

9. Fill all your detail only once. If you buy again the system will capture those information.

** If you want to buy for someone else and ship directly to them,
please tick ✅. ‘SHIP TO DIFFERENT ADDRESS’ and fill the ‘PHONE NO’ on the ‘ADDITIONAL NOTE’

10. To pay, we have 2 option :
a) Direct Online Banking via Billplz : faster and link directly to your bank. We will process your order automatically.

b) Manual Bank Transfer : you may transfer to our bank account as below :
HAFISYA GLOBAL (CIMB) – 8604412603 with your ORDER ID (next Step)

You need to send PROOF OF PAYMENT to our email : [email protected] or Whatsapp us 011 – 3519 0037 / 011 – 6088 4608

11. An email will be send to you regarding your order :